Family recycling

With completion due on the house sale on Friday J is now nearly packed and noticeably excited. He’s found a ground floor flat he really likes with a bit of quirkiness, as he describes it, and a small garden, ideal for the Millie-dog.

He’s had a recent health scare and has been told he needs to eat decent food at regular times, something that’s not so easy as a full time night worker. He’s a very good cook though and is cutting out the takeaways, with plans to batch cook and freeze his meals. As I have to cut my possessions by at least two thirds he is happy to be the recipient of all the kitchenware I won’t be able to take on board the MH Nomaggsrush. So when I drive down to help with the move later in the week I shall have a boot full of surplus for him.

Unwanted (by me!)

We’re going to be playing musical chairs quite literally too – K is having my sofa and chairs, J is having K’s and J’s will be going to his mate who was homeless until fairly recently.

Most importantly tho’ J is going to be proud caretaker of The Bookcase. Just after the war my father, a teacher, up cycled (trendsetter that he was!) some old oak school desks into a bookcase. One shelf even has the hole for the inkwell! It was given to me when I set up my first home. Keith, late husband, stripped and re-varnished it about 30 years ago. Then it went back to my parents again. K had it in her first few homes then it came back to me ….

Grandad's Bookcase

…..  so many memories for all of us 🙂

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