Not MY van …..

but mine is now on order. And it will look just like the showroom model below. (BB is not a showroom model – he said he needed to be in the photo to give an idea of scale ….. poser!)

Lido Crossover model, brand new, a Fiat Ducato chassis with bodywork and fittings by Adria. LHD with fixed rear bed. Test drive went well – lovely to drive – and I didn’t hit anything or run over any kerbs!

BB’s input was invaluable as we discussed my needs and how to best achieve them. Out is the solar panel, in is the generator. Extras; leisure battery to give me enough amps when not hooked up to mains; dual reversing camera gives me the equivalent of a rear view mirror as well as a down facing camera for actual reversing; specialist motorhome sat. nav. to ensure I keep away from England! Some of the things I thought I needed have been reconsidered e.g. air con, as BB says, I have windows in the cab and it’s not as if I’m going to be spending time stuck on the M25! If it’s too hot to drive – don’t.

So now for a new list; things to go in van. Oh dear I may have to go shopping …..

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