That little bit of difference

Despite the operation taking three times as long as usual K  was declared a star patient and discharged from hospital after only 48 hours. Both she and the Smart One are now ensconced  with me as she continues her remarkable recovery. However well she is doing though, it is the Smart One who deserves the most credit.

He has coped with it all with remarkable aplomb. There have been no melt downs. He has remained incredibly calm. He accepted a complete lack of routine without a murmur and continues showing a sensitivity and understanding of K’s pain levels and physical difficulties way above his age. I doubt a neurotypical child could have managed to cope any better. I don’t call him the Smart One lightly, he understood what the surgery entailed and worked out for himself the risks to his Mum. The only sign of slight distress was that he talked to himself out loud even more than usual. (He really doesn’t get that his every thought does not necessarily need to be shared.) He was able to articulate his feelings the day following the operation noting that he felt troubled but couldn’t understand why. I explained about stress reactions; he decided it made sense!

Lets hear it for Auties in general and Aspies specifically.

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