Alternative transport

How to get around during planned stopovers?

I don’t want to be unplugging the Van each time I want to explore, which will be frequently given my curiosity and itchy shutter finger. Public transport is an option when available, a car is not as it means a huge van with garage and enormous road tax and insurance bills; not on my pension 😦  Shanks’s will be a frequently used option; have boots will hike. The final option, which has got me all excited, is a power assisted bicycle. I’ve found one called a Black’nroll which is light enough to go on the Van’s bike rack and has the incredible top engine speed of 27mph; it’s not as if I’ll be in a hurry. It’s perfect, as although I enjoy cycling, I don’t do hills – cue engine!

It’s easily parked. It’s cheap to run. It’s slightly crazy. It’s on my ever increasing shopping list! I shall have a red one and call it Gordon after my Dad.

Bicycle, unsurprisingly, from the Amsterdam archives;


4 thoughts on “Alternative transport

  1. Funny that! we went to research wood burning stoves and in the showroom they has Go bikes, no doubt same principle, costly but fold down really small and are light!
    brilliant idea x

    1. We always have gone and probably always will go for similar things! Shoes, those blue flowered mugs etc., even the retirement plans, not to mention THE shared dress 🙂

  2. I just love all the careful, thoughtful planning you are putting into this grand adventure! Don’t forget the air pump and spare tire for your new bike!

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