Pause has not been pressed

My life is on hold ……

In fact only one thing is on hold. Apart from wierdoes crawling out from behind the skirting there is no movement on the house sale.

Wierdo One; made an offer and then dragged things along for eight weeks before rescinding his offer.

Wierdo Two; made an offer but courteously only dragged things out for five days before withdrawing.

Wierdo Three; without even seeing the property (although she says she has) three offers have been received, a low one, a slightly improved one (both rejected) and now virtually the full asking price …… however …… no-one has met her; as she’s asked for the white goods to be included and it’s a fitted kitchen she can’t have viewed, ergo she’s a porkie-pier; the estate agent has heard on the estate agents’ grapevine that she’s offered on a couple of other properties and withdrawn late stage. Adam (agent) has suggested that he is unable to get hold of me and can’t inform me of the offer, he’s tried and tried but it appears I haven’t answered my phone until after she has or hasn’t turned up for her “second” view on Saturday along with 5 other potential buyers, who apparently are genuine. This one is front runner for the prize of Wierdo of the Sale.

In the mean time I sternly remind myself,  pause has not been pressed; life is continuing. Saw Reginald D Hunter recently but not massively impressed, slight sniggers only, Canadian support act was very funny. Seeing Bill Bailey tomorrow night – Tenalady is I am reliably informed “de rigueur” wear! K is finally having her back op next week so Grandma is having care of the Smart One for five days. I was out and about with the G2 on a lovely early autumn weekend a couple of weeks ago some of the results below.

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