Butterfly brain

My mind keeps butterflying around future  Van life. There are purchases necessary, decisions still to be made, lists to be written to ensure I don’t forget the decisions I’ve already made!

Lately my brain seems to have decided that drying times are of vital importance. Space in The Van will be at a premium and there will be little room for drying clothes and the thought of living with wet/damp clothes in an enclosed space for days ….. not good. Solution; quick drying clothes and use my current Minky airer outside whenever possible. No room for iron and ironing board. Solution; don’t iron … but I hate badly creased clothes and there won’t be much hanging space. Research was needed.

I’ve been aware of Rohan for a while, upper end hiking/trekking/mountaineering/travel clothing. I’ve had a waterproof jacket of theirs for a couple of years – got fed up of frequently replacing cheap jackets when the zips died after a few months. Rohan clothing comes in non-iron, quick drying materials, is lightweight and not bulky. My wardrobe is slowly changing. I have trousers, one pair waterproof, and a fleece that dry in single figure hours. My wardrobe will continue to change!

Travelling light

With that problem solved my butterfly brain decided that towels and bedding could be an even bigger problem than clothing. What a pity Rohan don’t do bedding – but they do towels ……

6 thoughts on “Butterfly brain

  1. Hi Mags martin of rohan here! …. lovin your comments today, so glad you’ve discovered our gear and sure it will do the job for you. Next time you’re in henley pop in and see us as i’m enjoying your blogs and loving your photos. Good luck with the planning!

  2. Hi Maggs
    Yep, we too have talked about the practicalities of washing and drying clothes on the move. we will have some quick drying ones, Rohan do quick drying knickers too!!!
    We intend to stop at a camp site once a week to use laundry facilities….for bedding! the travel towels are fantastic.

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