Signs and portents.

I’m on a roll. It started first thing monday morning when I discovered that the photo I’d published to Flickr the night before in the Sliders Sunday group (altering reality one pixel at a time) had achieved an Explore. What a fantastic start to the week!


Tuesday morning and another magic moment. I stopped the car to let this dear old bloke cross the road. He was ninety if he was a day and looked the epitome of the old people crossing road sign. (Apologies for my lack of political correctness, I should have said elderly persons sign there.) When he reached the opposite side he turned and doffed his hat to me. Immediately I was flooded with memories of my darling Dad, who was ever the gent, greeting people in the same way when I was a child. I wish I could find the old bloke and thank him – bringing those memories back made my day.

Today’s golden goody came as I was driving through the village on my way to work. A red kite did a slow-mo touch and go on the road in front of me. It always takes me by surprise when I see them up close. I forget just how large their wingspan is. One day I will manage to get a whole one in frame – today I got it with neither the camera nor the car!

Is it too much to hope that tomorrow will be the day I hear about a house sale completion date?

2 thoughts on “Signs and portents.

  1. Soon, Maggie Soon ! But while you’re waiting, planning and anticipating I think you need to get into Geocaching ! I wish I’d heard of it before I went wandering around the southern hemisphere in 2002/3 – its the perfect hobby for travellers and photographers…

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