Stocking tops.

I’ve been interested in photography since my youngest older brother (BB) got a 35mm camera when I was about 9 or 10. It fascinated me. Glorious with dials and little sticky out bits to twiddle with, mysterious symbols and numbers stamped on it, I didn’t understand it but I coveted it. I eventually acquired a Brownie 127, sedate in black bakelite, press the shutter, wind on the film simplicity. It accompanied me on my first foreign tour (Holland) and amongst the mundane snaps I managed one or two decent images. I still have them in a box somewhere. I took one of my father I was particularly proud of with an Instamatic a few years later. He was seated in the stern of a boat with a very dramatic sky behind him, all dark clouded and stormy, gulls wheeling around. I entered this amazing artwork in the village fete competition – I came second, a feat that was rather spoilt by aforementioned father winning (with a photo of me – bent over my nephew showing my stocking tops). At 16 and aware of boys I was mortified.

This tragic occurrence may explain why I didn’t really continue with my hobby or it could have been my increasing interest in boys. Thereafter I always had a basic camera of some description and occasionally took a reasonable photo in amongst the boyfriend snaps, student holiday snaps, friends’ wedding snaps, the husband and kiddies snaps. Many years passed. Then the youngest older brother (who I think must also have succumbed to the busy with life syndrome) got a Panasonic Lumix G1 and my Olympus bridge camera paled to insignificance. Once again he had dials and symbols and numbers and interchangeable lenses and like the pesky little sister I still am, I had to have one too! (He’s upgraded since and I will upgrade and raise him 3 (G6) when the house is sold. No sibling rivalry in the Mepstead family.)

These days, sans husband (RIP) and nest empty, I  have time to practice and along with the beloved grandson, cat and dog snaps, I have developed an interest in macro work.

All of which has been a long winded introduction to what I have spent a very indulgent Sunday morning doing. Here’s this week’s entry for Macromondays group (theme; Time) on Flickr, accompanied by some previous offerings on assorted themes.

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