So much to decide, and probably even more that I don’t know that I need to decide.

So decisions so far; VW camper v. low profile coach built, the latter wins as although there would be great nostalgia in going for the camper van, hippie trail in the sixties and all that, I’m in MY sixties and comfort wins (and then there’s the slight matter of my claustrophobia!). Definitely diesel not petrol. LPG not Calor gas. Fixed rear bed. No longer than 22ft (van not bed; I’m short). Must haves; reversing camera, sat nag (I mean nav),  large leisure battery, usual amenities, solar panel (which Big Bruvva has been volunteered to fit as he lives on a narrow boat and has fitted his own. He’s also a useful resource for answering some of these questions there being certain similarities between motorhomes and narrow boats, that is if you ignore the road/canal business)  ……

Known decisions to make; left or right hand drive, dongle provider, not forgetting the really important ones curtain and upholstery colour, carpet or vinyl flooring ….. and Li wants to know where the best European rabbits hang out. The list is endless, will I get through it and on the road before I need to hang up my licence?

I’m off to do some serious decision making in the pub ……

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