Travelling companion

Introducing Lilah, (Li, Li-li, Lilo, Lileelola, Lilo-Lil or when she’s seriously naughty Badgirl)

P1020154 who will be my companion on my travels. She’s quite excited about having a passport and becoming a European dog (I haven’t told her yet about the injections part). She has questions – where will she sit on the ferry, is there such a thing as a doggy seat belt and, most important of all, do the rabbits smell as interesting on the Other Side [of the channel]? This photo was taken in a rare quiet moment, don’t expect any more like it, usually I’m lucky to get her tail in frame. Like most Staffies she’s a bundle of energy and stubborn with it. We have a few battles which I win as, unfortunately for her, my Libran need to please everyone does not  extend to dogs and I can out stubborn stubborn.

Other occasional travel companions hopefully will be friends and family – not for too long tho’ please as I need Camera Time.

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